Alex Marcinkiewicz



Dyna-Tech Sales Corporation Corporate Branding & Website

Design/build engineering firm located in Branchburg, NJ. 


RARE. Chocolate Packaging Design

As part of my PK216 (Foundation to Packaging Design) class at FIT, we were asked to create a candy bar company, and create sample product packaging. 
Rare uses the worlds best ingredients, and infuses them into the finest premium chocolate. 



As part of my AD216 (Foundation in Advertising Design) class, we were asked to take a company's product and create magazine advertisements. 
Because of my love of longboarding, I chose Loaded Longboards, and their "Chubby Unicorn" longboard deck.
The Chubby Unicorn features some of the newest technology and is said to be the best deck for downhill, freeride, and freestyle skateboarding

Photo: Jon Huey Photography. Fat Unicorn by Robbie Lee


Typography II Book

For the final project of my CD 273 (Typography II) class at FIT, we were asked to create a book detailing and showcasing our semesters work, as well as demonstrate the purpose and effectiveness of using the typographic grid. 

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